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VE2EKA from Zone 2 in the IARU
Written by Victor Androsov   

I'd like to announce my plans
to work from Sept-Iles (Quebec) from July 8 to July 12, 2009 by using callsign VE2EKA.

That's zone 2 in the CQ list and ITU zone 9. VHF grid - FO60te. I will be active mostly CW on all bands 160-6. The main target is to present zone 2 mostly on 160-80-40. One 320 meters Beverage antenna to EU as well as effective verticals are going to be installed there.

VE2EKA is going to be active during IARU HF World Championships contest on July 11, 2009 as SOAB CW Only High Power.


Victor VA2WDQ
Welcome to RTTY Contesting
Contributed by Claude   

By Claude Du Berger, VE2FK, Contest Group du Quebec, and Ed Steeble, K3IXD, Low Country Contest Club, Silent Key

RTTY is becoming very popular on the HF bands. Many hams, both old timers and new comers, have gotten RTTY working and made QSOs. Now they are trying RTTY contesting. We, and other RTTY contesters, have noticed that some RTTY new comers are unaware of efficient contest exchanges or have picked up a few bad habits. After each RTTY contest there are email discussions about ineffective (i.e. time consuming) exchanges.

VE2TZT Nouveau systeme de beverages
Contributed by VE2TZT   
Salut les amis,

Ci joint quelques photos et un peu de lecture pour cette longue soirée d'hiver précoce. Comme je ne sais pas comment diffuser tous ça simplement sur le forum alors je les envoie en direct.

Avant le CQWW et le ARRL 160, j'ai refait tous le système de beverages (gros travail !!!) au propre avec des bons piquets de terre, des vrais boites pour les transformateurs ect...

Il y a 4 antennes avec une terminaison à chaque bout contenant un relais pour commuter ou non la résistance terminale, donnant 8 directions (une tous les 45 degrés), toutes les boites terminales ont un balun de 7 tours sur tores Amidon FT150A-F procurant plus de 2500 ohm sur 160m: N/S : 80m doublée à 40m de distance(commutation A,B,A+B depuis le shack dans les 2 directions), E/W : 200 m, SW/NE 160m, NW/SE 120m, donc 10 terminaisons.
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