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VA2BS portable from FN36fh
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Contest Group du Quebec  

CQWW VHF Contest 2016 - 2016/07/18 11:16 Call: VA2WA
Cathegory: SO LP 6m only

       Band   Mode  QSOs     Pts  Grd
         50  CW      42      40   28
         50  USB     63      58   35
      Total  Both    105     105   63

           Score : 6,615

Grid: FN36

Rig: Kenwood TS-590S  100w
Ant: SteppIR DB-11 3 el. yagi

I've been lucky to work a new one DXCC on six: YV. Heard also YS and YN, But couldn't get through with 100 watts and very modes antenna. Surprisingly one VE4 has called me. That's very rare on six.

Honestly SteppIr DB11 works quite similar comparing to my small Cushcraft small 3 el. Yagi I have at home. I don't even think it outbid A50-3S. Anyway it works somehow on six )))

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