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Operators needed for special callsign activation - 2020/06/10 21:17 Hi Guys,

I am passing a message that I received today from the RAC president.
This could interest some of you:

VC2APS  Special event callsign activation from your station for IEEE Antennas and Propagation Conference 5-10 July

"The IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society will hold its annual conference on 5-10 July.  The event was orignally planned as an in person conference in Montreal but this year will be an on line event.  

Because antennas and propagation are very important to radio amateurs as well as to professionals working in this area these conferences usual have some amateur radio events.  When held in the US the ARRL staffs a booth, there are amateur radio demonstrations and a breakfast for radio amateurs (conference participants and local hams). Two of the event organizers contacted RAC and ARRL a while ago and we agreed to help continue this tradition.  They noted that they had applied for a special event callsign VC2APS for the time of the conference.

The event will be on line this year but we still hope to highlight amateur radio.  The ARRL will provide an on-line tour of W1AW.  I proposed two Canadian contributions.  One will be a description of the WSPR project that had a WSPR beacon on the ship that travelled from Toronto to Victoria through the Northwest passage in 2017.

The other would be to find volunteers in Quebec willing to operate VC2APS during the conference period.  RAC would organize this as a participation event similar to what we had done for World Amateur Radio Day.  We would design a certificate and arrange that anyone who worked VC2APS could download the certificate from the RAC website.  I understand from Richard that there was a strong and very successful operation of VA2RAC during our World Amateur Radio Day event and hope that we can find volunteers to operate VC2APS during the conference.  As with WARD as long as no two operators are operating at the same time on the same band and mode many could be involved in operating the special event “station”. As well we bo not need to ensure that the call sign is on the air all of the time through this period.  We will announce that the special event station will opewrate through that time and encourage people to contact it.

The process for operators would be the same as for WARD - operators would send their logs in ADIF format to Richard Ferch VE3KI .

This event will help publicise amateur radio to APS conference participants and also make radio amateurs aware of this group that shares interests with many of us.

Ideally we’d have a Quebec volunteer keep track of the who was operating when but if this isn’t possible we’ll find someone to help with this role.  

I’d like you to pass this on to others who might be interested in operating but we should probably decide who is willing to keep track of who is operating when first. If you have suggestions for someone please let me know.

Thanks and 73

Glenn VE3XRA"

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