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VA2AM Mosley PRO 96-2 - 2011/09/01 16:27 I refurbished like new one this Mosley PRO 96-2 yagi and I spent more 100 hours in the process.

Boom is 36 ‘ or 10.2m, 3 ele on 40 m, 4 ele on 20-17-15-12 and 6 ele on 10m, weight: 78 kg

Gain is 7.8dbd on 40 m, 9.5 dbd on 20m and 10.5 dbd on 10 m
Side rejection (90 degrees is >56 db (S-9 signal is completely gone)

I could had another 50 hours on the tower (new plate, 1/8” angle, Alfa Spide rotator, cables, scheduled pipe 2.5” union with 8x 9/16” bolts, rotator plate.
Trylon tower T-400-80 (25m) in use for 17 years.

I get +20-30 db signal on 40-20-17m in Europe zone 14 to 16 (200w to 1.5 Kw)

Antenna has been installed 2 weeks ago and I did just few calls as test seen right after I rebuilt my radio room.

I created a pile-up on 17m by calling Asia only this morning around 9 am (13 utc) I did rare one like Korea, Macao, Phillipines, China and of course Japan.

73, Rejean, va2am

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Re:VA2AM Mosley PRO 96-2 - 2011/09/01 21:57 Merci Rejean de bien vouloir partager de l'excellent travail avec nous. Je ne peux que te féliciter et me rejouir en même temps car je sais que le CGQ aura encore de meilleurs résultats pour les temps à venir grâce à ta super installation! Je ne dirais pas non à seulement une de tes tours et ton emplacement ha ha! Bravo!

73, Fabi
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Re:VA2AM Mosley PRO 96-2 - 2011/09/03 17:43 Oui, très belle installation, bravo.

Gilles VE2TZT
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