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New HyGain DCU2 Rotor controller - 2013/01/19 15:47 Ok, got some news on the rotor front...

over the last year Hygain introduced a new digital rotor controller called the DCU2.

The DCU2 is in reality nothing but a revamped MDS RC1-H, where they replaced the variable resistor with a digital rotary encoder (big improvement), added USB on board, minor changes on the front panel user interface and tweeked the code a bit.

the unit is still DCU-1 control protocol only except, being MDS RC1-H firmware is DOES support the AI1; command set to request the real time rotor position, where the Original early 1990's DCU-1 Controller does NOT!

Here's the joke, the DCU-1 is still available from HyGain and almost twice the price then the DCU2 and frankly the DCU-2 sounds like a mutch better buy DCU-1 is listed at 749$ US at HRO and DCU-2 is listed at 389$ US.

The MDS design is somewhat dated and the DCU-1 Protocol could be a lot better and as been passed by miles by the Kempro/Yaesu GS232B-AZ, AZ/EL or AZ/AZ.  but the AI1; modified DCU-1 protocol is a good down to basic protocol well supported by most good contesting or logging softwares (also known as IdiomPress in some softwares like HRD Rotator)

The funny part is that HyGain markets a better rotor controller at half the price, running a protocol from a third party manufacturer and built by an DIFFERENT OEM.

MDS did indicate to me that there will soon be a DCU-3 and that this unit will be a revemped DCU-2 with six bearing memories.

jokes asside, I been talking to MDS and the feedback I also got from couple other hams (including our friend VA2UP) is that there support has been pretty good. and frankly as a replacement rotor controller for the HAM Series the DCU-2 would be a mutch better deal then the DCU-1 which is expensive and outdated product.


Richard ve2dx

Post edited by: ve2dx, at: 2013/01/19 15:48

Richard VE2DX
Jesus Island, PQ-014, FN35cm
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Re:New HyGain DCU2 Rotor controller - 2018/12/31 14:37 Interesting! Thanks for the heads up Richard. The station here is automated except for the rotors so the DCU-3n would be of interest eventually. It will have to wait though since major antenna maintenance is pending this summer and it's going to be expensive

Mel, VE2DC
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