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CWOpen 2017 - 2017/08/11 09:31 All:

Mark your calendars for Saturday, Sep. 2. Thatís when the CW Open (the seventh one) will take place. Starting with the first contest at 0000Z, the second one starts at 1200Z, and the final one is at 2000Z. Each is separately scored and awarded (nice trophies and plaques). And, you compete with people in your IARU Region (1, 2 or 3). So, for each session there are up to 3 trophies and 9 category plaques awarded. You can win one with only a single 4-hour stint, but itís lots more fun to do two or all three sessions.

Each one is four hours long, and each one starts from scratch. It is conceivable that you could work the same station 18 times that day (but probably not). Like CWT, the multipliers are callsigns the first time worked in a session. So, the object is to work lots of different calls rather than just the same ones on multiple bands.

There are contest modules supporting CW Open listed on in the CW Open tab area. The exchange is similar to CWT, but you start with QSO number and then your given name (ex. 24 Rob). Teams of ops can sign up (up to 10 per team) and compete. This year, perhaps, all members of the winning team will receive certificates.

So, plan on participating in at least one session that Saturday and spread the word to your local and/or contest clubs. As with any contest, the more who participate, the more fun it is for everyone.

Rob K6RB
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