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SMIRK contest - 2009/06/16 11:23 0000Z June 20, 2009 through 2400Z June 21, 2009

le site dit:

All contacts must be made by a single operator. There is no multi-operator category in this contest.
Exchange is callsign, SMIRK number, if the station worked has one, and grid.
Partial contacts in which one of the above pieces of information are missing, do not count.
All contacts must be made via natural propagation. No contacts using repeaters, or any manmade device for relaying transmissions are allowed.

All participants must observe the rules governing Amateur Radio operation in the participant's country.
Scoring is as follows:
Count 1 point for each completed contact.
If station worked provides a SMIRK number, multiply by 2.
Final score is contact points times grids worked. New log forms and summary sheets are available from N3DB at the above address, or on the SMIRK Web site at

More info at

... Maybe not as crowded as ARRL but could be fun... C'est un concours international aussi mais moins de participation.

From SMIRK member 6776, VA2SG

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Jean-Pierre VA2SG - VE2SSS
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