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Antenna aluminium tube refurbish - 2010/12/03 21:09 Hi everyone
I am starting my next summer yagi antenna project by refurbishing a big HF antenna. All aluminium tubes are dirty and after they have been stored in a barn for 8 years, the aluminium surface is oxidized from the outside only. Each element connection received a good amount of Penatrox anti-corrosion compound.

I found a very good product to clean the aluminium like brand new from Laboratoire Chi-Mic & Biologique du Québec Ltée. They are located in Qubec city.

This product callled MF-400 is sold in different size and the cost for 4L was $20.
I diluted this product 1:1 with water and I use a steel wool 000 with soft pressure.
Now the aluminium tube looks like brand new. It could also be used for anything else that was maded-up in aluminium. Do not get mixed-up from other products to modify the surface like chrome.

I will have the winter to replace each trap seal, to open each coil for cleaning, to refurbish the tubes, to replace SS screws when required. On the tower I will need later on to replace my rotor to relocate it lower in the tower and to add angle arms, plates and bearings. I need to calculate for 140 kmh 100% safe like this 22 Sq ft, 36' boom 40-10 meters PRO96-2 yagi.

73, Rejean
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