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Run for the Bacon: january 2011 - 2011/01/18 13:16 Hi All!

Since JP (VA2SG) and me will try again the FYBO (Freeze Ypur ... Off) this year I decided that I had to make some QRP contests to test the QRP station.

The Flying Pigs QRP Club organize each third sunday of the month their famous Run For The Bacon contest. As you can see they are very good at promoting the main theme of the club wich is the pig or more precisely the flying pig. The contest run from 21h00 to 23h00 EST.


Time    Freq         Call      RST   SPC  Exc     RST   SPC   Exc
02:52z  3,56212   K0ZK     579   QC   1633   559   ME    747
02:58z  3,56212   K2UF     579   QC   1633   559   NY     5W
03:04z   3,56212   NV1B     579   QC   1633   569   ME     5W
03:27z   3,56300   KB4QQJ 539   QC   1633 449  NC   1936
03:31z   3,56320   W2GB    579   QC   1633 559  NY   1606
03:50z   3,56250   K4ORD   589   QC   1633 579  GA   2627

The exchange is either the Flying Pigs member's number or output power.

So I made contacts on 80m only with 4 fellow Flying Pigs and 2 non-members in 4 different S/P/C for a total of 56 points.

I was connected to my expedition 80m dipole on a 16' extension mast.

So the Ft-817 is in good shape and ready to be used in the next FYBO.

For more information about the Flying Pigs QRP Club go to [url][url]

72 de Louis VE2EZD
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