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TF/VE2XAA - July 2011 - 2011/08/23 10:16 I've called Alexei, VE2XAA by phone last week to ask him about TF land expedition report for the CGQ web site. He promised to do that as soon as possible... He has already sent his TF/VE2XAA pictures:

Yesterday after we got sad news about Alexei, I've contacted to Thor, TF4M. He has kindly gave his permission on publishing here his weblog notes about Alexei's TF activity.


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Re:TF/VE2XAA - July 2011 - 2011/08/23 10:22 VE2XAA visit

by TF4M on JULY 11, 2011

Alexey, VE2XAA visited my station and operated the IARU HF contest with the call TF4X.

He made 1876 QSOs for a total score of 770,400 points in the contest.

Alexey became interested in visiting my station after we worked on 160 meters when he was QRV from Zone 2 in last years CQ World Wide Contest.

Propagation was poor due to Aurora and as a result most of the contacts were made on 20m.  

Despite 24 hour daylight, Alexey made 14 QSOs on 160 Meters during the contest.

Before the contest Alexey operated my station as TF/VE2XAA and made another 2,300 QSOs for a total of more than 4,000 QSOs during his stay.

Here are Alexey´s comments on his operation :

First of all I would like to thanks Thor TF4M for a great opportunity to see and use his Super Station with unique Antenna Farm on the surface of 1500 hectares!

Before the contest I decided to participate in phone category but during first 6 minutes of the contest was no phone QSO at all! So the mode was switched for CW and run started on 20 m band – the only opened band at the moment. Time to time I did check 15m and 10m but it was no whisper on the bands. Finally I did a few QSO on 15m with big troubles but 10 m was close during the contest completely. 20m was surprising: I did expect that run on 20m will stop after a few hours as usually for my home location; that will be already no new stations on the band and I can start hunting for multipliers; but pile-up had no stop! The flat rate of 120-140 QSO was continued after 5, 6, 7…hours of the run! The stations with High Power, Low Power and QRP had almost the same signal level!

The Otradalur Antenna Farm did a work perfectly and stack-match box let me separate EU-USA-JA directions just with push on one button! Amazing! In 10 hours I had already more than 1200 QSO only on 20m and did expect to have a good run on other bands to make same number of QSO for other 14 hours. But after 12 hours of run somebody on the sky decided to switch off the light, put night Aurora cover on Iceland and told: OK guys, now you can relax and go to sleep, it will be no propagation for you for next few hours! It becomes nightmare: all bands closed, only big-guns were on the bands, QSO rate drops for 10-20 per hour… Nice moment was on 160m: “Arctic King” antenna was doing the work very well: on each 1 kHz distance I heard HQ or other powerful stations with S7…S9, but they did not hear my 1 kW signal! Probably they had other receiving directions except Arctic. With big difficulties spending 2-3 minutes for each contact I was able to make a dozen QSO on 160m despite 24 hour day-light at Island! Thor TF4M did not very good antenna, but exceptionally perfect!

Thanks to every one for the contacts and hope to see you in the other contest.

73! de Alexey VE2XAA

The local hot pool.

Birta - Magyar Vizsla with VE2XAA

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Re:TF/VE2XAA - July 2011 - 2011/08/23 11:07 Great and nice souvenirs to make us remember one of our great member.
Thanks for the pictures Victor.

73, Claude VE2FK
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